1,600-year-old elongated skull with stone-encrusted teeth discovered in Mexico (clip)

If the shape of the head wasn’t as peculiar as it was to the human skull, the 1,600-year-old skull also happened to have a full collection of stone-encrusted teeth to go along with its friendly personality.

This find was made near the ancient Teotihuacan ruins of Mexico, and it certainly surprised anyone who was part of the team who made this interesting discovery.

The woman was said to have been 35 to 40 when she di‌ed, the average for a human being at the time, and according to authorities, she was buried with 19 jars carefully put around her body as sacrifices to make sure that the soul will move to a better position following its exit.

Video: The Woman of Tlailotlacan with elongated skull and encrusted teeth

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By far the strangest part of this discovery was the odd pyrite crystals in her mouth. They were also encrusted in her upper front teeth, and according to ancient documents, this was a direct indication that the woman was a princess of some type.

The Maya enjoyed dentistry and would always strive to show off their place in the culture by incorporating as many “shiny rocks” as possible to their appearance to stand out.

Another fun thing about this is that the dentists who analyzed the teeth have mentioned that the Mayan dentist who worked with the woman also obviously understood how to operate without touching the pulp inside, rendering the operation more or less painless.

Only address this why did the ancient nobles want their skulls to be as elongated as possible? Did they try to appear as similar as possible to the alien civilizations they found superior?

We can recognize that these ancient cultures were not as rudimentary as we believed they were a few years back, an incredibly bizarre find was made under the Temple of the Feathered Serpent in Teotihuacan, where a massive pool of liquid mercury was discovered.

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