A dog’s transformation after being rescued from the street by people

A dog’s transformation after being rescued from the street by people

There are so many stray dogs that roam from place to place wanting to receive some gesture, no matter how small it may seem, that will make all the difference in their miserable lives. . A large number of hairy people turn off the lights completely alone, starving and not knowing true love .

Fortunately, there are still many rescue groups that are doing what humans can to give stray dogs a second chance. 

This dog is upset and completely malnourished.

This is the story of Mary, a helpless little dog that looks like a  walking skeleton , hopeless and full of scabies, who roams the streets of India hoping to find some food.

Animal Aid Unlimited spotted her and quickly went to her to give her all the help she needed .

The scabies was so severe that his skin was peeling off.

Mary bowed her head and walked slowly , she had exhausted her last reserve of energy.

After much suffering, she finally received a small gesture of love from Animal Rescue volunteers, who carefully covered her with blankets and transported her to a shelter. 

The vet insisted that in just a few days she would have di‌ed if not rescued.

At first, her gaze strayed , she didn’t understand what was going on, but after a few minutes she realized that they just wanted to help her.

Getting her off the streets is necessary to save her , her new angels are ready to give her the second chance she desperately needs.

For the first time in a long time, Mary ate to her heart’s content.

The medical staff has carried out a thorough examination, Mary needs to rest before starting treatment. He needs antibiotics, a high-calorie di‌et, and medicated baths to fight scabies .

These parasites were wreaking havoc not only on the dog’s skin, they were also affecting her internally.

The suffering is in the past, now she is a happy and grateful dog.

Everyone at the shelter was willing to help her, she received her medicinal baths daily and her food ration was increased to help her gain weight .

His transformation was a true miracle, all his caregivers were overjoyed to see his change not only physically, but also in his behavior.

She has earned the “Warrior” badge.

Mary will be at the shelter until she can find a permanent home.

Animal Aid Unlimited has stated that if they fail to find a family for themselves, sweet Mary will live the rest of her life in the shelter  , bringing happiness to all the volunteers and sharing with those who need it. other fluffy people.

Changing the lives of the most vulnerable puppies depends on small acts of love. Open your heart and adopt a puppy. Don’t forget to share this story in your networks and let’s fill the world with stories with happy endings.

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