A Man Sent Skull Pictures To Stop His Friend From Getting A Purebred Pug

When a friend stops you from doing something, it’s probably for the best if you hear them out and pay heed to what they say.

While most people listen to their friends’ advice, one fella decided not to do so, even after their friend came up with solid arguments backed by some photos.

Imgur user NoNienNietNon shared the story on the social platform, writing how one of their friends wanted to get a purebred pug as a pet.

The user said they tried to convince their buddy to go for some other breed, arguing that pugs are prone to a number of health problems.

To back up their argument, the concerned user sent them the images of the skull of a terrier.


The user then sent their friend some images of the skulls of a pug, explaining how breeding pugs and taking them as a pet is nothing short of animal cruelty.


“Friend of mine really loves dogs with squashed faces, and he was talking about getting a purebred from a breeder,” the Imgur user wrote.

“I told him he should consider alternatives – even sent him some stuff for getting a french bull dog that has been bred to have a longer nose so they can breathe properly.

“He said he didn’t like it because the dog wasn’t as cute, and he still wants a purebred.”

Pugs’ history stretches thousands of years back to the Han dynasty in China (206 BC to 200 AD). The Han emperors valued this dog breed, and provided them with all the luxury they can.

According to some sources, the Chinese monarchs would even make soldiers guard them.

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Pugs are now one of the most popular dog breeds across the globe. But sadly, they face a myriad of health problems throughout their life.

Speaking to The Guardian, Dr. Rowena Packer, from the Royal Veterinary College, said: “The breeds that are increasing in popularity unfortunately are plagued by a plethora of different health problems – we are talking about issues from head to tail.

“Whenever we’ve got breeds that do have health problems increasing in popularity naturally we are really concerned about that.”

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Animal expert Professor Paul McGreevy said: “We see more short skulled dogs in publicity and that could be making people more aware of them, and how very charming these dogs can be.

“These dogs are dying, we think, four years earlier than dogs of the same size with normal-shaped skulls.

“Because they have got all of the tissues in their head that a normal dog has, but they have less room, they get dental crowding and they also get the soft palette hanging down – that is what gives them the [breathing] sounds.”

He added how their facial wrinkles, caused due to excess skin, make them prone to eye and skin problems, including eczema.

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Here’s what the Imgur users said in response to NoNienNietNon’s post:


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