After being left in the desert alone, he gave up and began to slowly di‌e while pleading for prayers to keep him alive.

After being left in the desert alone, he gave up and began to slowly di‌e while pleading for prayers to keep him alive.

Unfortunately there are many people with bad hearts and little conscience who dare to commit the worst acts of injustice against animals, leaving them in the harshest places to get rid of them.

I was abandoned in the desert

Here’s what happened to a poor little dog found in the most unbelievable and inhospitable place in the world : in the middle of a desolate desert, characterized by unbearable temperatures both day and night. night, and no cistern could be reached. hydrated.

But this defenseless puppy was lucky that a man sent by heaven found him and immediately took him to the nearest vet. He knew it was a matter of life and death and he didn’t want to leave him alone.

He was rescued just in time

Thank you for saving this precious soul. He is one of Go‌d’s gifts to man, for loving companions. Whoever did this to him deserves to live in the same agony to learn a harsh lesson. I pray that the dog recovers and that the co‌ward who did so much harm to him must pay for his actions,” one netizen said.

No one knows how he was able to survive for so long and in such conditions. My brother is full of fleas and ticks . I shivered constantly. He would open his eyes and then go back to sleep.

In a desperate attempt to save him, the vet gave him intravenous antibiotics , pain relievers, and plenty of fluids to rehydrate him. He also made sure I was comfortable and that I could sleep.

I won’t stop shaking

Resting and receiving medication was the best for the injured puppy. In addition, they gave him food supplements to strengthen his body.

Due to the large number of ticks that had invaded his body, the puppy had a terrible disease, for which he had to receive specialized treatment.

The great effort made by the veterinarian and the entire team at the Homeless Paws shelter soon gave results and the furry began to accept food through a syringe , they were only small portions, but every sign of recovery brought hope back.

And it is that so many days without food also caused him severe anemia for which it was necessary to give him blood transfusions.

“Thank you so much for all you do for this precious baby. God, please bless him and heal his wounds so that he can find a loving home that will always take care of him ”, an Internet user pleaded.

After learning about his story, the networks have joined in a chain of prayers to ask for the life of this beautiful little angel.

A few more days have passed and the puppy can now eat from a bowl with help. His body has not stopped shaking, but his caregivers hope that he will win the battle and recover his health .

Share this heartbreaking story with all your friends. Let’s make the biggest prayer chain so that this defenseless being can live and be happy.  

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