‘Alien’ sea creature’s body discovered washed up on beach baffling tourists

Passers-by in Australia have discovered a mysterious creature buried on the beach.

The enormous brown animal with stripes on its side has baffled visitors to Leighton Beach in Fremantle, southwest Perth.

A beach-goer shared a picture online of the semi-exposed animal in the sand, asking whether it was a dead body.

Others have questioned whether it could be a cuttlefish, a giant squid or even a shark.

One even joked that it might be an alien.

The man wrote: “Found this weird stuff on Leighton Beach, looks like a dead body. Does anyone know what it is?”

One commentator said it could be a cuttlefish – a type of mollusc with a bizarre, octopus-like face.

Another guessed the creature was a giant squid.

One joked: “I think it is radioactive, you should try to pour water to see if it turns purple.

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