American hospital “breaks down” because the number of hospitalized Covid-19 cases skyrocketed

American hospital “breaks down” because the number of hospitalized Covid-19 cases skyrocketed

The number of hospitalized Covid-19 cases in the US continuously set a record, making the health system overloaded, many hospitals due to lack of manpower were forced to allow medical staff to contract Covid-19.

According to statistics, as of February 10, the US had a total of more than 132,600 hospitalized cases of Covid-19 , the highest ever, breaking the record of more than 132,000 cases at the peak of the epidemic in January last year.

The number of Covid-19 hospitalizations in the US has continuously increased since the end of December 2021 and doubled in the past 3 weeks when Omicron quickly surpassed Delta to become the dominant strain in the US. Many US states have recorded a record number of hospital admissions. The number of deaths from Covid-19 is also showing signs of increasing, with about 1,700 cases per day, but still lower than the peak of the epidemic early last year.

Although the Omicron strain is thought to cause less severe symptoms, health officials warn the spike in infections caused by Omicrons could overwhelm the health system. Many hospitals in the US have had to suspend less important services to treat Covid-19 patients due to lack of staff. Even, many hospitals allow employees with Covid-19 with symptoms to go to work to cope with a serious shortage of manpower in the context of Omicron “spreading like wildfire”.

Over the weekend, the California Department of Public Health said that hospital staff with no symptoms of Covid-19 or mild symptoms can continue to work. However, these staff will have to wear N95 masks and be as‌signed to treat other Covid-19 patients.

Some hospitals in Rhode Island and Arizona have also made similar decisions, although there is still controversy about the safety of this measure. The California Nurses as‌sociation has objected to the decision to allow employees with Covid-19 to return to work, arguing that it would make the epidemic worse.

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