Bizarre Diverse Humanoid Creatures Sighted by Tourists Around a Cave (clip)

Recently, a video surfaced on the internet which caught everybody by surprise with a really high-quality video of unknown humanoid creatures that came out of a nearby cave to ask people if they were enjoying their time at the beach.

This incident occurred in Thailand, where a strange race of creatures just appeared and suddenly observed visitors.

The video and reports claim that these were no ordinary monkeys because they were far too deformed, unusually walking on two legs instead of on four, and seemed to be functioning perfectly.

The theory is that they are the missing link between humans and monkeys, the species that crossed the line into what we can only as‌sume to be ancient civilizations as a whole.

Locals have been familiar with these creatures for many years, and they have been known as water spirits. They claim however these creatures do not feed on humans. They are known to eat humans every now and then.

They were very calm around people the second time, which may indicate that they were solicited by humans before. The caves were believed to lead to a large underground complex, which was why no one was able to access the caves before.

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The location is both private property and off-limits to the government which prevents the government from preparing for any type of raid.  

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