Blazers star Damian Lillard’s cousin hilariously spills ultimate proof pay cut rumors weren’t true

The rumors surrounding Damian Lillard have been virtually endless throughout this offseason. The Portland Trail Blazers star has had to actively shut down any speculation all the way from Tokyo as he competes in the Olympics with Team USA.

One rumor that spread came from Truehoop’s Henry Abbott that Damian Lillard was reportedly “willing to forgo paychecks” in order facilitate an exit from the Blazers. To which Dame had just a simply facepalm emoji in response. The two had a lengthy Twitter back and forth and even ended up having a man-to-man confrontation to clear the air.

Damian Lillard’s cousin and Blazers teammate last season Keljin Blevins dished on the biggest proof that Dame wasn’t planning on any pay cuts. He revealed that Lillard won’t even pay for his own Netflix.

There’s zero shame in that, Dame. We’re all mooching off our buddy’s Netflix account, too. The Blazers star is making eight figures annually and he clearly has no plans of diminishing his hard-earned wealth anytime soon, especially if he can get something for free.

Blazers fans would definitely want insight on what’s on Damian Lillard’s Netflix list. His viewing history might reveal how he’s feeling about his future, after all.

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