Cambodian Archaeologists discover an ancient crystal radio transmitter inside a stone turtle

Researcher PraveenMohan obtained the sensational document, that is, the footage of how archaeologists discovered inside a stone turtle, an ancient radio transmitter at Crystal When the researchers began slowly to open the shell at the top, developing a beautiful rectangle, they slowly inserted a sharp blade into the crack, then began to move the blade all around the crack and they enlarged the slot, so they opened this stone statue like a container.

Inside is a large rectangular hole, which had a strange gel-like substance, almost like wet silica gel. Researcher PraveenMohan declares: You can see how archaeologists take a small sample of it and try to figure out what it is.

What is this gel? And why was this secured in this stone container, and why was it buried in the temple premises? Experts confirm he is at least 1,000 years old, but he could be much older.

But archaeologists found something even stranger, they found another stone turtle, also buried in the earth. And so they were able to open this too. It had a triangle-shaped lid on its shell and what they found inside is shocking.

They found stones of well-polished quartz crystals. And they found hundreds of stones of well-polished quartz crystals buried on the spot. As soon as the crystals were found, the locals began to come in and pray in large numbers, because they felt strange energy radiating from them. 

Cambodians are very spiritual people and have performed all kinds of rituals on these artifacts and crystals.

But is this just spiritual energy radiating from them, or is the science behind it all? I mean, why did ancient builders cut hundreds of crystal quartz stones, polish them and safeguard them? Today we use the same material in semiconductors for transistors, integrated circuits, the first radio communication devices we used were made exclusively using quartz crystalline.

Is it possible that the ancient builders used some kind of radio communication device? But inside the turtle container, they also found something even stranger.

They found thin threads of bronze. Archaeologists are baffled by this and liquidate it by simply saying these were just threads used for religious purposes. No Hindu or Buddhist ritual ever uses bronze threads, this is unheard of. These are bronze threads and ancient builders used it for some other reason.

What else could the use of these bronze wires be, besides some kind of electrical or electronic purpose?

Is it just a coincidence that they found quartz and bronze crystal strands side by side? Look at the crystal radios we used a few decades ago, they were simple devices made with wires and crystalline quartz.

I mean, the only thing missing is an antenna and they could make a crystal radio device with these elements and start getting signals. However, archaeologists have also found strange metal objects of the highest quality that show almost no deterioration. Despite having been buried for so long, they had no trace of rust or decomposition.

It is possible that these high-quality metal rods (they had no trace of rust or deterioration) with three tips protruding in the air were used as antennas used for communications radio in ancient times by PraveenMohan.

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