Carmelo Anthony found out he was joining LeBron James, Lakers in a very Carmelo Anthony way

In what should be a dream come true for Carmelo Anthony, he will finally team up with his best buddy LeBron James. Anthony signed a one-year contract to join the Los Angeles Lakers as he continues his arduous quest to finally win an NBA title.

But the bigger story here might be the way Anthony found out that the Lakers agreed on the deal. The veteran forward was putting up shots in a gym when the news broke, according to his longtime trainer Chris Brickley.

Brickley might just be exaggerating things, but it’s shouldn’t come as a surprise that Anthony was putting in work when the deal with the Lakers officially went down. Of course, Melo is known for his viral workouts, especially when he was trying to make it back to the NBA a few seasons ago.

That was when the legend of Hoodie Melo was born, paving the way for other NBA stars to post their offseason workouts on social media. We could say that Anthony made putting up shots in an empty gym, um, cool?

After years of talking about it, Anthony and LeBron will play alongside each other. It’s no secret that they planned to do it as early as 2010 when LeBron joined the Miami Heat. But apparently, Melo didn’t follow the agenda as he structured his contract differently, missing out on teaming up with LBJ and Dwyane Wade.

But here we are now, the Banana Boat Buddies playing together in Hollywood. Congratulations on your first ring, Carmelo Anthony!

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