Caught by the back door because she was pregnant before the wedding, the bride’s mother announced the annulment of the marriage

Caught by the back door because she was pregnant before the wedding, the bride’s mother announced the annulment of the marriage

The frank answer of the bride’s mother makes many people think again about this somewhat disdainful custom.

About 10 years ago, many couples got pregnant and then got married. The fact that boys and girls have baby before marriage is no longer too taboo and strict as before. However, with the view of some families, it is difficult to accept that the unmarried daughter-in-law is “disrupted”.

A girl recounted a story that she was harassed by her husband’s family when discussing marriage because she “eats before the groom”. She said, her mother is a trader who “screams fire at home, spits out lava”. But when she learned that her daughter was pregnant, when she discussed the wedding, she never looked up at her husband’s family.

The groom’s family asked empty-handed, she still accepted. Asking for only 5 caskets (while the local custom is 7 or 9), she still obeyed, saying: “I don’t sell children”. Even the groom’s family mocked her for not knowing how to teach her daughter to “eat rice first”, she also kept quiet.

But when my future husband’s family told me not to go to the front door to pick up my bride, but to climb the back wall, my mother immediately called to the other house: Cancel the marriage. ’She was pregnant and forced to climb the wall. Grandparents don’t feel sorry for their daughter-in-law, they must love their grandchildren. If they don’t love them, they won’t get married anymore. My children and grandchildren are raised by myself’ “, the girl said.

A mother’s fierce message about her daughter’s marriage.

The fierce speech of the bride’s mother caused the people to give her a round of applause. Knowing that the girl’s family was weak, she was patient from the moment she entered the alley to ask for help, and was humble when the boy’s family teased her. But when it came to the rule to force her daughter to climb the wall, she definitely refused.

Netizens support that the girl should be as fierce with the boy’s family as her mother, partly because climbing the wall can affect the health and safety of the fetus; partly because you cannot allow people to dominate and trample you.

Many people also voiced their criticism of this old-fashioned custom, looking down on women. In addition to the fact that the bride has to go through the side gate, the back gate, climb the wall to enter the house when she is pregnant first, some other customs related to weddings in the locality are also somewhat strict with women.

For example, there is a custom that does not allow a bride to wear a pure white wedding dress if she has had premarital . There is a custom of partially mutilating or amputating a pig’s ear to receive Communion to “complain” the bride and groom’s family. Perhaps it’s time to rethink the abandonment of these customs to reduce cumbersome, hurt the bride as well as lose peace between the two parties.

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