Clip: Detecting mysterious UFOs in Pakistan

Clip: Detecting mysterious UFOs in Pakistan

The mysterious sky object believed to be a UFO was caught on camera last month in the vicinity of Islamabad, Pakistan.

Scott C. Waring, a blogger who regularly makes strange claims about extraterrestrial objects, recently posted a video on social networks.

UFO hovering over the island of Islamabad, Pakistan, January 25, 2022. Source: UFO Sighting Daily

Detailed in his post, Waring praised the quality of the video, which was very clear, noting that the video was shot in “13 minutes in HD”.

This blogger claims: “I have seen evidence of UFOs in old reports from decades ago, so I know this video is 100% real,” the blogger claimed. “We can’t deny the existence of UFOs anymore!”

It is known that the strange object appeared on January 25 in the vicinity of the Pakistani capital Islamabad.

Arslan Warraich, the owner of the video, said that he encountered the UFO while landing his drone. The object hovered for more than two hours, then it got dark and he could no longer see it.

However, one social media user commenting on the video argued that the resolution of the camcorder is “still not good enough”. He said: “At some point in the video, the strange object seems to be in the shape of a triangle, but it’s hard to say exactly. Yes, it could be a drone. We don’t have it yet. enough evidence, with the current level of modern technology, there are many similar videos appearing every day.” 

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