David Wilcock: civilizations in the earth will soon be revealed to the world

David Wilcock: civilizations in the earth will soon be revealed to the world

In a new Coast to Coast AM interview, researcher and author David Wilcoc‌k says an alliance of ancient civilizations is living inside the planet.

Researcher and author David Wilcock. (Photo via Wake Up Kiwi)

These ancient civilizations have existed for a long time inside the earth and now they will gradually reveal themselves to the world.

Wilcoc‌k explains that during the formation of all the water-bearing planets in the universe, holes were formed beneath the crust’s surface, with its very own biota and naturally glowing bacteria. .

He marveled: “This means you can completely live inside underground caves with full light.”

Wilcoc‌k said based on his research that these holes seem to be inhabited by advanced civilizations to watch out for what’s going on ’beyond Earth’, on the surface of our planet. we.

Wilcoc‌k firmly believes that given Earth’s long history, many advanced civilizations like Atlantis had to live underground to survive through the tumultuous times that dominated the surface of our planet. In the end, they decided to settle permanently in that environment.

The existence of underground tunnels and passages has been the subject of debate for centuries. The world’s ancient civilizations show that these passages lead to entirely new kingdoms, deep beneath the planet’s surface. Ancient people in Turkey seem to have recreated these legends by building huge underground cities like Derinkuyu, or the largest city ever found near Cappadocia, Turkey.

Derinkuyu Underground City consists of 18 floors. (Illustration: Internet)

Wilcoc‌k believes that the government is aware of the presence of these structures when accidentally discovered through secret projects to build underground bases.

In an interview with C2C, Wilcoc‌k as‌serted: “They have tunneling machines and sometimes they run into places they’re not supposed to go, and there are other people there.”

While citing eyewitness Corey Goode, Wilcoc‌k said that the fragile relationship between the underground people and the people living on the Earth’s surface who are aware of their existence has been fractured in recent times.

“This military-industrial complex used to work with people underground and signed treaties with them, but now it’s trying to get rid of them,” Wilcoc‌k said.

This is why, according to Wilcock, subterranean civilizations have met to deal with a great emerging threat and have gradually banded together, hoping for aid to fight the growing forces. try to destroy them.

According to C2C articles, Wilcoc‌k said that a long meeting between the two groups had been held and that Goode was allowed to monitor the exchange. After the meeting, the underground people made a wonderful request.

“The people of the underground come out into the world with a pretty dazed mentality,” says Wilcock, who has been asked to reveal themselves to us as part of exposing the truth, if the subterranean societies earth obeys the request, “I think we will discover underground works much larger and older than we thought,” he mused.

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