DEJA V-UFO Mysterious spinning cube-shaped UFO spotted in second city 700 miles away just hours after buzzing shops in Missouri

A MYSTERIOUS spinning cube-shaped UFO has been spotted in a second city 700 miles away just hours after its last sighting in Missouri.

Matthew Jandecka, 44, was sitting on his porch in Cleveland Heights, Ohio when he recorded the puzzling presence in the skies overhead.

A mystery object was spotted above Cleveland Highs in Ohio

It was spotted a few hours after the original sighting in Missouri

He said: “I noticed it because it appeared to be a metallic rotating cube flying in the sky headed my way.

“I knew right away it was a UFO, and I believe the UFO was both extraterrestrial and unidentified. I have no doubts about it.”

Mr Jandecka, added that the object appeared to rotate and change shape as it passed overhead.

What he didn’t know was that a similar object had been spotted the previous day in Springfield, by 30-year-old Justin Johnson.

Mr Johnson who was driving home from work said seeing the “very shiny object flying through the sky” has left him “haunted” before adding that the new sighting is like deja vu.

“His testimony is what makes it striking,” he said.

“He reported seeing a spinning cube. He also describes the object changing shapes and in the video of my object, it’s doing the same thing.

“In his video, it was flying at the same approximate height as the one I saw the day before and seemed to be moving at the same speed.”

“When I spotted the object flying across Springfield it was flying west, but it ended up over 700 miles to the east the next day.

“If this thing is the same object, it was on a very lengthy journey.”

Mr Jandecka believes that the two of them saw two identical UFOs, adding that there “absolutely” could be more than one.

He added: “I do believe there is intelligent life which is non-terrestrial.

“I’ll give you an interesting take on scripture. Jesus once said: ‘I have other sheep that are not of this fold.’

“He is the lord of all creation and, with Go‌d, all things are possible. That’s where I put extraterrestrial life at.”

While in Mr Johnson’s case, many revealed they had similar encounters after the footage was shared online, in Mr Jandecka’s case sceptics had another explanation.

Bob Snezek, owner of Zone Aviation at Lorain County Regional Airport, some 35 miles west of Cleveland Heights, suggested it was a drone.

He told local broadcaster WJW: “I don’t see any erratic movements that would give me an indication of something out of our world.

“You can see where it gets blurry a little bit and would appear to change shape, but that’s just the focus, I would say, on the phone.

“The movement on it looks pretty normal to me as a drone.”

A similar object was spotted above shops in Missouri

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