Discovered an intact “human skeleton” on the surface of Mars

Discovered an intact “human skeleton” on the surface of Mars

The image of a human skeleton has been recently discovered by alien hunters, as evidence of the existence of life on Mars.

The image is said to capture a human skeleton on Mars.

A YouTube video by the account Paranormal Crucible claims to have found an intact skeleton on Mars.

Image released from the original NASA image taken by the Curiosity probe. Skeletons appear on the red soil of the surface.

Youtube users all believe that the image of the bone fragments is similar to a human skeleton. Dissected details reveal a large ornate skull. There is a theory that it is the remains of a king, or a warrior, or even a sorcerer from an ancient civilization on Mars.

The video quickly attracted many comments, most of which supported the theory of life on the red planet. This is not the first case the world has recorded strange images from Mars. The closest is the message in Morse code that scientists discovered in a sand dune near the North Pole of this planet.

The photo is said to be a human head resembling a Roman statue.

Or like the human head resembling a statue from the Roman period discovered only about 5 days ago. The original photo was taken on July 1 by the Curiosity probe, but the anthropomorphic rock was discovered only 4 days later.

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