Dwight Howard reacts to haters calling LeBron James-led Lakers ‘old’

LeBron James, Dwight Howard and the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers have certainly heard the talks about the team being old. However, Howard has a different perspective on the roster the Purple and Gold have built.

During an Instagram Live session on Friday, Howard talked to his followers and responded to the issues about their age that haters keep on throwing at them. For Howard, they are not “old” but rather “experienced.”

Now that is certainly a perfect way to put it!

The main issue for the Lakers is if their players can stay healthy and go through the grind of an 82-game season. But aside from that, Howard is right that the Purple and Gold have an advantage talent and experience-wise.

To recall, the Lakers recently signed Carmelo Anthony, Trevor Ariza, Dwight Howard, Kent Bazemore and Wayne Ellington in free agency. All players are 32 or older, with Bazemore the youngest from the said group. LeBron James is already 36 years old, while the recently acquired Russell Westbrook is also 32.

While the Lakers did add young talent in their roster with Kendrick Nunn and Malik Monk while also retaining Talen Horton-Tucker, the average age of the group is still above 30.

For what it’s worth, LeBron also recently fired back to the haters mocking the Lakers’ age–seemingly suggesting that they will regret what they said this offseason.

“Keep talking about my squad, our personnel ages, the way he plays, he stays injured, we’re past our time in this league, etc etc etc.,” LeBron wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “Do me one favor PLEASE!!!! And I mean PLEASE!!! Keep that same narrative ENERGY when it begins! That’s all I ask. #ThankYou.”

It certainly looks like the Lakers are only getting more and more motivated by all the hate and mockery.

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