Efforts to reopen Canada’s busiest border gate with the US

Efforts to reopen Canada’s busiest border gate with the US

Authorities in Ontario (Canada) are trying to reopen the Ambassador Bridge – connecting Windsor with Detroit (USA), Canada’s busiest border gate.

The Ambassador Bridge – a vital part of Canada’s trade infrastructure, where an estimated 450 million CAD (Canadian currency) of goods is transported back and forth each day – has been paralyzed for the past seven days, as the Protesters against regulations on vaccination and other health measures related to the Covid-19 pandemic blocked the bridge.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Ontario ordered the protesters to clear the bridge. Protesters dismantled tents and cleaned up trash on the street. However, by the afternoon of February 13, police still had to make an effort to disperse the remaining protesters, arresting 12 people. Border Services Canada has been working with law enforcement to restore normal border operations at the affected ports of entry as quickly as possible.

The blockade at the Ambassador Bridge has blocked the flow of commerce across the US-Canada border, prompting the US President and the Governor of Michigan to call out for urgent action by Canadian authorities. Some car factories have been forced to temporarily close due to a lack of spare parts. Many business as‌sociations expressed concern about the risk of Canada’s reputation being damaged when manufacturers are unable to guarantee on-time deliveries to international customers.

Meanwhile, the Canadian city of Ottawa has reached an agreement with one of the leaders of the Freedom Convoy protest. In a letter to one of the protest organizers, the mayor of the city expressed concern that the protest activities affect the safety and security of residents as well as business owners and employees in the city. city. The people have to bear the brunt of the protests on an unprecedented national and international scale.

Hundreds of heavy-duty trucks have been parked on the streets of Ottawa for more than two weeks. Ottawa city leaders have asked protest organizers to remove trucks from residential areas, and asked organizers to stop calling for further protests to ensure the trucks are moved.

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