Ex-Lakers star JaVale McGee’s LeBron James truth bomb that will make Stephen Curry sad

Former Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers big man JaVale McGee had the privilege of playing alongside the best players of this era in LeBron James and Stephen Curry. While he definitely enjoyed his time with the two, he admitted he liked his time with the Purple and Gold more.

In a recent AMA with Bleacher Report, McGee was asked with whom between James and Curry did he enjoy playing more. He didn’t sugarcoat his words or tried to answer vaguely, responding that it’s definitely with LeBron and the Lakers.

“I would probably say LeBron the first year I was on the Lakers,” the new Phoenix Suns center replied.

It would probably stung a little bit for Stephen Curry, especially since JaVale McGee won not just one but two NBA titles with the Warriors during his two years in Bay Area. However, it is easy  to see where McGee is coming from.

When McGee joined LeBron James and the Lakers in 2018, he played a big role right and started 62 of 75 games during the 208-19 season. In comparison, he started in just 27 games in two seasons with the Dubs.

Not to mention that McGee had the best statistical season of his career in his first year with the Lakers, putting up a career-high 12.0 points on top of 7.5 rebounds and 2.0 blocks.

While the Lakers did not win the NBA title in that year, McGee certainly had a great time in his first year with James. It sure helps that they eventually won it all the following year.  

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