Former US military personnel revealed: Tens of thousands of aliens are living among humans

Former US military personnel revealed: Tens of thousands of aliens are living among humans

While the scientific community is still speculating whether aliens exist, insiders of the US military have revealed a sho‌cking truth:

Aliens, with their similar appearance Humans, not only exist throughout the galaxy, but also infiltrate communities around the Earth as neighbors, colleagues, teachers, doctors, humanitarians, … with the number up to tens of thousands of people. People.

The photo is said to show 3 aliens that look like humans – Valiant Thor and his companions: Dunn and Jill. Photo taken by August C. Roberts at Howard Menger’s New Jersey home in 1959. (Photo via Newsinstact)

On the August 7 episode of the online show ’Cosmic Disclosure’, former US military officer Emery Smith and former NASA employee Corey Goode claimed to have worked on secret programs involving aliens. carried out by the US government and other military forces. These programs are also managed by transnational corporations.

Emery said he has encountered humanoid aliens while working at top-secret facilities such as Kirtland Air Force Base, Sandia National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory and many other facilities. other US military facilities.

Emery claims that while working at these facilities, he met many aliens with a human-like appearance that was indistinguishable.

“Aliens come to watch us and examine everything on Earth. They’re here to gather information to make sure we don’t ravage the Earth or kill each other. Therefore they are only here to gather information, as well as to experience human life, which to them is like a vacation.

So this is a very interesting scientific work for aliens. To come here, live among us and do things like a normal human, it’s like an honor (for them),”  Emery said when asked if aliens are living with humans. we or not.

Former US military officer Emery Smith. (Image via Imdb)

In addition to revealing that he has encountered aliens in secret projects, recently, Emery Smith also said that he was informed that there are up to 100,000 aliens living all over the Earth.

In previous interviews, Emery has talked about his work in extracting body tissue from deceased humanoid aliens, working with a number of living aliens, and exploring the world together. autopsies of their countrymen.

Emery said around 1997, he decided to withdraw from the secret project when he realized that the alien body being examined was still warm. He suspects that some of them have only recently di‌ed, possibly by corporations running a program of torture and murder.

Corey Goode and the alien capture and interrogation project

Former NASA employee Corey Goode has other experiences, but similar to what Emery Smith shared. Corey confirmed that he had participated in the project “Intruder, Intercept, and Interrogate”. In the project, he belongs to a secret team tasked with capturing and interrogating aliens that have infiltrated human society.

In an interview, when asked if the extraterrestrials that appeared on Earth were infiltrating or allowed to enter our planet, Corey said:

“Both. Some of them from other distant star systems are keeping a close eye on everything going on here, including the conquest of the Celestial Dragon system. So they’ll send someone in to do a little scouting. And when they infiltrate without permission, it’s not good for them to get caught. 

There is actually a project that I am involved in called the ’Intruder, Intercept and Interrogation’ Project. And we’ve come across quite a few different species here, entering without permission.”

Corey and Emery then go on to mention that aliens in human form can integrate into societies across Earth:

Corey: ” The interesting thing is: in the ’Intruder, Intercept and Interrogation’ project, only about 10% to 15% of the creatures that we come into contact with are aliens.” 

Emery: ” That’s right.”

Corey:  “Most of them look very human. And they go through no process to become like humans. They are people.” 

Emery: ” That’s right.”

Corey: “ . . . they’re just from another planet. And they’ll usually be picked up in countries where they’re most likely to blend in.”

Emery: “ Sure.”

Corey: ” It’s like there are some people who look like Polynesian people.”

Emery: “ That’s right. Nordic countries and the whole region.”

Corey mentioned the case of aliens infiltrating a company, and for a decade held a senior executive position:

Corey:  “And I was there when a senior executive was dragged out of a tall building by several people in broad daylight. They waved to everyone there, went in, moved up the building, took the man out and questioned him. This man has been on Earth for over a decade, has integrated, created an identity, and now holds a high position in a corporation.”

Emery:  “They’re preparing other aliens to come to Earth, so there must have been genetic engineering options going on like we do on Earth, and there are even certain processes that are done. done on their bodies so they can digest human food and things like that.”

It is worth noting that William Tompkins – a recently deceased aerospace engineer, also claimed to have worked with “Nordic” aliens infiltrating companies such as the Douglas Aircraft Company, North American Aviation,…, in the 1950s and 1960s; These aliens helped the US Navy develop its secret space program.

Corey insists that ’Intruder Intercept and Interrogate’ can be considered a brutal project against captured aliens.

He said the captured aliens belonging to the group that looked like humans and were allowed to stay on Earth were released according to the terms of the agreements. The unauthorized subjects were rigorously interrogated and transferred to a transnational organization called the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC).

The alien subjects transferred to the ICC eventually di‌ed, and were then subjected to autopsies in secret facilities similar to where Emery Smith worked.

The words from Emery Smith and Corey Goode are very consistent, showing a multi-dimensional view of a similar secret process created to deal with extraterrestrial visitors. The important question is, is the information given by these two individuals true or not?

Apart from documents showing that they had participated in projects at military bases, there is no evidence from Smith and Goode convincing enough to support their claims. However, there are other individuals who have encountered aliens infiltrating human society, and they are allowed, even encouraged, to photograph these alien spacecraft.

One case must be mentioned is an anonymous source JP, who has encountered aliens in human form, as part of a secret agreement reached with the US Air Force (USAF). JP claims to have encountered aliens in remote areas of Tampa and Orlando, Florida. Here, the aliens wore USAF uniforms and communicated with him. JP took pictures of the alien spacecraft, and published it online.

JP is a citizen who has never served in the United States military or served as a public servant in any secret government or corporate facility. He doesn’t have the expertise to back up his claims, which is probably why he was allowed to take pictures of the aircraft and spread them.

In addition to photographic evidence provided by JP that shows aliens with an Earth-like appearance living on our planet as part of secret agreements with the US military, there is also evidence endorsements are given from reliable sources.

The most typical case comes from former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. He claims to have been provided with a top-secret file of aliens living with humans, and information about an international organization that monitors aliens:

The “special top secret service” that former President Medvedev mentioned seems very similar to Corey Goode’s “Intruder Intercept and Interrogate” project, which was fictionalized in the Men In Black series.

Former Russian President – Dmitry Medvedev. (Photo via New Hanoi)

Robert Dean, who attained the rank of Sergeant in Command in the US Army, said: In 1964, while stationed at the Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Powers in Europe (SHAPE), he read a Note Top Secret of the Universe, which refers to aliens in human form living with us.

Having a group of people who look so much like us really gives admirals and generals a headache, …because of these people they can sit next to us on airplanes or in restaurants without us ever noticing. difference. … These intellectual property individuals can infiltrate us, walk across the corridors of SHAPE, walk through the corridors of the Pentagon…. These individuals even appear in the White House!…”

Before that, in the 1950s, famous UFO encounters such as George Adamksi, Howard Menger and Daniel Fry all said they had encountered aliens in human form, seeking their help to invade. into human society. Although the public and ufologists scoffed at such claims at the time, Emery Smith and Corey Goode as‌sert that the process of infiltration has been going on for decades, in large numbers. aliens numbered in the tens of thousands.

Host:  “We’ve talked about this before, Corey, but I think it’s worth repeating. And I know you don’t have specific data, but do we know how many allowable aliens are infiltrating our society?”

Corey:  “Back in the 90s, that number was many, tens… I mean thousands.”

Emery:  “100,000 is the number I got in the last 6 months.”

Corey:  “Yes. And maybe when I was on the project the numbers would have been smaller, but they appeared in nearly every country. Many people know that they have infiltrated.” 

The revelations of Emery Smith and Corey Goode offer a stunning perspective on what’s really happening on Earth when it comes to the existence of aliens, objects that seem indistinguishable from those of Earth. people today. They also mention that other non-human aliens can still infiltrate the lives of Earthlings using advanced technologies, as well as the consequences if they do so. detected by programs such as “Intruder Intercept and Interrogate”.

While scientists speculate and debate the possibility of alien life on distant planets in the galaxy, it’s sho‌cking to think that over the years there have been thousands of aliens. The humanoid planet Earth has been interacting with us humans for decades, blending into societies across our planet.

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