Friendly Golden Stops and Hugs Every Single Person She Sees

Dogs are always happy and filled with love. Every dog owner will agree that the main thing dogs want to be in their lives is our best friends. Some of them just can’t stop themselves from showing their love 24/7.

One of these pups is an adorable Golden Retriever named Louboutina – a well-oiled hugging machine. She loves hugging people and showing them her loving nature.

The sweet canine, simply loves humans and isn’t afraid to show it! By giving them a big, heartwarming hug she charges herself with bliss. She was nicknamed ‘The Hugging Dog’ and lives up to it every single day.


Cesar Fernandez-Chavez, the dog’s owner, feels like the luckiest man in the world for having Louboutina. Whenever he heads out for a walk, Louboutina ends up stopping to hug each person who crosses her path. 

Cesar explains that the walks take forever and they barely walk! It’s  more of a hugging trip than a stroll. He loves the fact that his dog is so sensitive and affectionate towards everyone, and hopes that she stays that way.

Louboutina’s father explains this incredible obsession with hugging is something that she developed all by herself. It started on Valentine’s Day in 2014 when the loving pooch started hugging everyone with pleasure, just because she loves to show affection to people and brighten up their days. 
Before the dog started hugging everyone, the kind-hearted canine used to hold people’s hands when they met. It’s almost as if she wanted to shake their hand, but needed a more significant gesture, that demonstrates all the love she wishes to bestow on everyone.


Cesar is fully aware that his dog is a unique treasure. When she used to hold people’s hands, he used to kid that he always has someone to hold hands with on Valentine’s day. He thanks the Lord every day, for entering such an amazing canine companion into his life.


The two live in New York, and Cesar fully supports Louboutina’s mission to brighten up everyone’s day. To be honest, the city could use more dogs like her.


People love Louboutina, and she genuinely makes every person that she hugs feel happier, better, and sometimes even overcome the bad experiences they went through during the day.

We wish that there were more hugging pups like Louboutina in our world, because we know that it will make everyone much happier and calmer.
Louboutina’s human pal shared that a walk with her takes about two hours, due to her hugging cycle. Thanks to her loving nature, Louboutina has become a social media queen, with over 200,000 followers on Instagram. 

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