Giant from “outer space” ufo hunter claims 50ft ‘alien robot’ is being built in Area 51 and shares ‘proof’

A UFO HUNTER claims the government is using alien technology to make a robot – and he claims it’s being done right out in the open.

Self-described ufologist and teacher Scott C. Waring claims he spotted a 52-foot tall figure outside on Area 51 in Nevada.

Waring says the structure looks like a robot, and theorizes that the government might be experimenting with robots for military use.

“Guess what? When I was searching Google Earth today I came across something that is really strange,” Waring wrote on his blog. “I found a 16-meter dark figure in Area 51 and there seems to be another to the right of it, but shorter.”

“When I checked through the past photos of that location, I notice that the figure actually moves onto its side, then changes its poses each photo! It actually moves,” he continued.

“Now, perhaps some USAF soldier is playing around for years doing this, or perhaps Area 51 is experimenting with 16-meter tall robots that could one day be used in combat missions,” he concluded.

Members of the public cannot pass onto the seemingly barren areaCredit: Gabriel Zeifman

Area 51 is a restricted army base Credit: Corbis – Getty

Video uploaded to Waring’s site shows the ufologist on Google Earth typing in Area 51’s exact coordinates of 37°13’26.26″N 115°49’2.37”W, and then scrolling around to see the object moving in different photos.

“This one’s harder to see, but this one’s really really obvious,” Waring says in a video he uploaded to the blog. In it, he points his cursor around the first robot and switches to a second one just to the right of it.

“Area 51 is experimenting on giant robots,” he said after he uses Google Earth’s history option to look at the site in 2006, 2009, and 2012, and sees the supposed robot moving between years.

“Can you imagine a 16-meter tall robot? Good Go‌d these people have been watching Transformers movies too much. This is crazy,” he said. “This is nuts.”

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