He sought refuge on a post while he lay in agony until someone heard him.

He sought refuge on a post while he lay in agony until someone heard him.

Despite the fact that there are hundreds of campaigns and a constant fight for the rights of animals, unfortunately in some countries there is no type of law that protects them .

Giving free rein to the twisted minds of some people, who see puppies as an object of enjoyment in order to hurt them mercilessly. They attack them without feeling any type of civil, moral, much less legal responsibility.

Some think that by not being punished by the law it is acceptable to mistreat a puppy.

Our little protagonist was hit hard for no reason, the puppy was prostrate and sore on a post that became his refuge .

Immersed in his pain, the puppy was slowly dying until he was heard by a woman who decided to act to save him . She called the local animal rescue and found a blanket to cover the helpless animal.

The puppy was very scared and traumatized.

While waiting for help, the torturers returned to hit the dog again but the woman got in the way, she would not allow them to continue hurting her, she even received some blows for getting in the way.

But none of this mattered to the brave woman who knew that help was near, she only wanted to save  the defenseless little dog .

The puppy cried in his sleep at night.

Luckily, the rescuers arrived and offered him the care he needed, quickly moving him to the shelter and giving him some painkillers and antibiotics to ease the pain .

The vet was not there, so they had to wait until the next day to check him out and get a general diagnosis. The puppy was not very receptive , he tried to bite his rescuers and it is perfectly understandable, some men were responsible for his plight.

They decided to name the puppy Souki.

Souki’s trauma was such that he didn’t want anyone to touch him, giving him a full exam was very difficult, he didn’t want to make eye contact and was constantly looking at the wall .

It took a couple of weeks for the rescuers to gain the puppy’s trust and he understood that they just wanted to help him.

Souki has a damaged spine and worms in his heart , the vets were doing everything possible for him to heal completely, not only his body but his soul.

It took Souki two months to heal well enough.

Finally, the puppy has improved his state of health, he can now sit and stand on his own. Now sporting a beautiful soft thick coat, he is a really happy little dog.

At the moment, he has a foster home but we hope he can find a permanent home.

Thank you to all your rescuers and to the brave woman who took a risk to save this adorable ball of fur. Share this rescue.

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