His Owners Paint A Costume To Make Him The King Of The Street

His Owners Paint A Costume To Make Him The King Of The Street

A bulldog in Denmark named Bogart started going viral after someone filmed him staring through holes in a fence that had been painted on the outside with a crown and royal robe, like the king.

He is a nosy and noyghty dog, and curious pup who loves to engage in people-watching. One of his favourite pastimes is watching people walk past his yard, One time he went a way, jumped over the old fence. His owner knew, they built a new fence around the yard which was too tall for him to peek over.

Ranveig Bjorklid Levinsen, the dog’s owner, told :” There are a lot of people passing by every day, they are taking pictures of the dogs, and locals stop to talk to them and give them a snack sometimes.”

Levinsen said that Winston would always jump over the fence, so her husband made a new one and added holes to it. Now, both Winston and Bogart can look at what’s going on without escaping the property.

“I get the ideas but I’m not good at painting. My youngest daughter painted the costumes around the holes.” Levinsen said

He’s so special. He’s very cute, very loving. He is very sweet but so stubborn. He doesn’t like to walk. Levinsen has one more hole in the fence that they are thinking about painting another costume around for Bogart’s brother.

Every time Bogart or his brother peeks through the holes, the pedestrians on the other side get a good laugh. Bogart favours the hole with the royal crown, and we’re sure he feels like a king watching over his little one-street-kingdom.

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