In Italy, ancient pyramids were discovered underground

In the city of Orvieto, Italy, the first Etruscan pyramid-like structure was recently found. This magnificent underground system was discovered just three years ago, depending on when you read this post.

The fact that the stairs were specifically cut within the wall gives away the fact that it was designed to imitate the Etruscan theme. That is one of their signatures right there, in case you didn’t notice.

Following that, the team discovered what seemed to be an ancient network of underwater tunnels and cave networks that were much wider than anything they’d planned to encounter in this sort of structure.

Claudio Bizarri, the co-director of PAAO, and his as‌sociate, David B. George from St. Anselm College, discovered this after reporting that they had heard about an underwater system for over three years, but they never expected it to be this amazing.

Despite their immense popularity for their underground architecture, relatively little is known about the Etruscans.

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We know they lived in central Italy around 900 BC, but that’s all we know about them.

They were among the best in the world at sculpture, metalwork, and literature, but the Roman empire annihilated them by as‌similating them into their own society and forcing them to follow their laws instead.

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