Incredibly giant UFO spotted hovering above houses in Brazil (VIDEO)

The giant UFO spotted in the night skies of Brazil was seen hovering above houses without producing any noise. Scroll down to know more.

Conspiracy theorists have long been claiming that alien existence on the earth is real, and they argue that extraterrestrials have been visiting the blue planet for hundreds of thousands of years to monitor human activities.

Xem Video: An incredibly gigantic UFO hovers over houses in Brazil

Watch video:: t7_-jo1OzK0

To substantiate this claim, conspiracy theorists often cite examples of UFO sightings that happened in various parts of the globe. And now, a UFO video apparently captured from Brazil has gone viral on the internet.

UFO video sparks debate

The eerie video has been uploaded to YouTube by popular conspiracy theory channel Mavi777. In the video, a giant UFO can be seen hovering above houses in the night sky, and it even had lights under its body.

The UFO spotted in Brazil had a classic disc-shape, and the visuals literally resemble the scenes from Hollywood sci-fi flicks.

The video uploaded by Mavi777 has now emerged as the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts. After watching the mysterious clip, viewers of the YouTube channel also shared their theories to explain this creepy event.

Most of the viewers who watched the clip suggested that aliens have visited earth, and these advanced beings are gearing up for an invasion. However, skeptics argue that the clip shot in Brazil is made using advanced computer graphics.

UFO sighting amid monolith mystery

Interestingly, the UFO sighting has happened at a time when the entire world is trying to solve the mysteries surrounding the appearance of monoliths in various parts of the world. It was on November 18 that the first monolith was discovered in a remote region in the Utah desert. After some days the monolith disappeared from the Utah desert, and on the same day, a similar monolith appeared in Romania.

The monolith in Romania also disappeared soon, and in the meantime, another monolith was discovered in California. Even though conspiracy theorists consider these events as concrete evidence of alien existence, skeptics as‌sure that pranksters could be behind the appearance and disappearance of these monoliths. 

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