Inside Mount Kailash: Hidden Pyramid or Ancient Nuclear Power Plant?

Inside Mount Kailash: Hidden Pyramid or Ancient Nuclear Power Plant?

The name Mount Kailash means “eternal snow gem“. Similar to the name, up to now, Mount Kailash is still a holy place that keeps the treasures of mysterious knowledge of the ancients.

The sacred mountain Kailash. (Photo via Ancient Code)

The sacred mountain Kailash is located about 1,000 km west of Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. In many Eastern countries, Mount Kailash is often considered the “spiritual center of the universe” because it is the birthplace of four major religions: Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Bon. Some ancient documents even suggest that here we can find the city of the Go‌ds.

In general, Mount Kailash is still unexplored by humans, and climbing this mountain is considered a blasphemous act that will bring bad luck.

There is a theory that this mountain may have been the site of an ancient nuclear reactor. According to the American television program “Ancient Aliens”, the ruins found in the area around the mountain appeared nuclear ash, and the remains found in the area also have traces. of radioactive elements.

Interestingly, in folklore there is also a story related to this nuclear reactor.

At the foot of Mount Kailash, there are two famous sacred lakes, the saltwater lake Rakhas Tal – also known as the devil, shaped like a crescent moon and the freshwater lake Manasarovar round like the sun. The two lakes represent the forces of the moon and the sun, representing yin and yang, bad and good energies, respectively.

Hindus on pilgrimage to Mount Kailash take a dip in the Manasarovar sun lake, and stay away from the demonic lake Raksha Taal, where bathing is forbidden.

Legend has it that the Demon King Ravana of Lanka used to bathe in this lake and now no one dares to bathe here anymore, because the people bathing in the lake will be deformed.

The reason is because Ravana once wanted to bring Mount Kailash to his kingdom. He held himself under Mount Kailash and shook it with all his strength to try to move the mountain to Lanka but could not lift it.

Why would Demon King Ravana want to take over Mount Kailash when he already has everything in the world. Maybe because Kailas is a nuclear power plant that Ravana wants to place on the island of Lanka.

And after touching this plant, Ravana brought radioactive nuclear residue to Rakshas Taal Lake, making the lake water radioactive. So now anyone bathing in the lake is deformed due to the effects of radiation.

An artificial pyramid?

The peculiar shape of Mount Kailash has also led to many conjecture that this is not a mere mountain. Russian scientists believe that the top of the mountain is actually an ancient man-made pyramid. If this hypothesis is true, then this will become the largest known pyramid ever, and human history will need to be rewritten.

Scientists studying the topography and structure of the mountain said that it has a pyramid shape, not much different from ordinary pyramids, and is arranged exactly in four main directions (East, West, South, North).

Recent Russian research findings on Tibet and the Kailash Mountains, if confirmed, will fundamentally change our understanding of the development of human civilization. One theory put forward by Russia is that Mount Kailash may have been a man-made great pyramid, the center of a complex of hundreds of smaller pyramids.

Not only that, this complex of works can also be the center of a global system connecting many other sites or monuments.

Ancient energy grid?

The pyramid shape not only had religious significance, but could also have been part of a massive energy web that spread across the ancient world.

Researchers speculate that remnants of a world-wide energy web could be found in the ruins of ancient civilizations’ sacred sites around the world.

Professor Ernst Muldashev, doctor of medicine and professional adventurer, said the height of Mount Kailash will change from year to year, but the average is 6666m. In addition, between the heights of Mount Kailash and the North Pole, the South Pole, the megalithic monument of Stonehenge, and the Great Pyramid of Giza, there is a striking correlation and similarity.

Professor Ernst Muldashev, doctor of medicine, professional explorer. (Photo via

It seems that the distance between Mount Kailash and the megalithic Stonehenge is 6666km. The same number meets again between Kailash and the North Pole, while reaching the South Pole is 13,332 km, twice the original distance. Numerologists believe that the number 6666 definitely represents something and is not coincidentally as‌sociated with Mount Kailash.

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