Kitten Finds Her Way Into A Zoo And Befriends A Wild Lynx

Involved, and these two animals in St. Petersburg’s Zoo are the best proof of that. One was a Zoo resident, a European lynx, and the other was a visitor, a regular Russian cat.

The stray cat came to where lynx lived while she was searching for food. Surprisingly, not only that the animal was fine with sharing food, they even became friends.

“It seems as if the cat needs the lynx as much as she needs her,” say the staff members. They think that the cat thinks of the lynx as her mother because she was just a kitten when she first came to visit.

When the Zoo management saw this, they adopted the cat, and now they live together.

The kitten was searching for food when she stumbled on lynx’s home.

They Zoo staff decided to adopt the stray kitten.


The cat lives with the lynx now.


They spend a lot time cuddling.


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