Lazar: “Humans Are Just Alien Containers” – Here is why

For those who still don’t know who is Bob Lazar, I came with this epic interview with Bob Lazar and Jeremy Corbell at Larry King Show.

Bob Lazar and Jeremy Corbell answered to Twitter users questions, one by one, questions like “What is the Alien being looked like?” ( Bob saw a photo of an Alien being at Area 51, for those who missed this info), “What are the sizes of the spacecraft hidden in Area 51” and more.

They brought also the idea that “Humans are Alien containers”, which got my attention, but they didn’t detail much on this.

I did some more research about this, and I got some info.

It seems that Aliens are actually calling us “CONTAINERS”, because the Aliens’ most important “things” like ADN, Intelligence, Soul, Feelings, Conscious and more, are kept in the human beings from Earth, because these “things” could be in danger in the Aliens world.

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