Leaked Clip Recorded Inside 10-Mile-Deep Alien Underground Base – Area 51

There are millions of skyscrapers on our world, and several of them are popular with over a billion people per year. In this post, though, we are going to center our attention on something entirely different.

We are dealing with a framework that is sometimes referred to as “upside-down skyscrapers” and in comparison to typical skyscrapers, this one is visited only by a few closely chosen groups of individuals.

Construction will be built underground which will house an ultra-secret extra-terrestrial base. It is situated in the Pacific North West of the United States and secured by a strong defense force. Construction is essentially an impenetrable bulletproof shelter that can only be opened through an electronic key.

The underground foundation consists of several separate levels of countless halls and cells.

It seems like unusual noises are emerging from cell number 10 while an alien is being moved. There are a lot of women clad in military uniforms in the hallway.

What you’ve read was an infiltration by a guy who came to an understanding with former US President Jimmy Carter, too many specifics have to be excluded as a consequence of the said arrangement.

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