Life on Mars? Ex-NASA consultant finds “PROOF” nuclear war wiped out alien civilisation

MARS once thrived with developed alien civilisations until a devastating nuclear war wiped out all evidence of life, a former NASA advisor has shockingly claimed.

Richard C Hoagland, a former NASA consultant and conspiracy theorist, strongly believes alien civilisations once existed on Mars and other planets in the solar system. Appearing on Coast to Coast AM radio, Mr Hoagland argued there is ample photographic evidence from NASA’s Viking missions to prove his claim. Mr Hoagland said NASA photos snapped in the Cydonia region of Mars show organised structures, ancient habitats and pyramids. But the thriving alien civilisation, which dominated the Red Planet, was cut short by the destructive power of nuclear warfare.

Following a 1983 “Independent Mars Investigation” in which he took part, the conspiracist said NASA’s Viking lander found evidence of “anomalous isotopes” on Mars.

These peculiar isotopes are known as Xenon 129 and, in his opinion, strongly point towards nuclear detonations on the planet’s surface.

Together with plasma physicist John Brandenburg, Mr Hoagland and a team of investigators explored the possibility of Mars once teeming with life.

Mr Hoagland said: “John and I in 1983 had this conversation when I invited him in because I wanted him to be our nuclear expert on the team because to me some of the craters in the Cydonia region around the face and the pyramids did not look like natural meteoritic impact craters or asteroid impacts.

“They look like the nuclear explosion tests in Nevada, in Sedan and the other named tests which were done in the Southwestern Unites States.

“And they have a different size-to-depth ratio and they really look different if you have any kind of eye for this.

“That’s why John and I began this conversation, which ultimately led him into the Independent Mars Investigation as a contributor and ultimately to write a couple of books on ancient civilisations on Mars and now to come out with the idea that the civilisations we have been looking at may have been destroyed by a global Martian nuclear war.”

The theory of nuclear warfare ravaging the surface of Mars comes from high concatenations of radioactive Xenon 129 on the planet.

The radioactive isotope is typically found on Earth near nuclear fission reactors and around the fallout from nuclear explosions.

Civilisations we have been looking at may have been destroyed by a global Martian nuclear war

Richard C Hoagland, former NASA consultant

However, Xenon 129’s presence on Mars can be explained by natural processes where cosmic radiation bombarding Mar’s paper-thin atmosphere releases the isotope from the planet’s surface.

A research paper on the subject, published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters, states: “The Xenon measurements suggest an intriguing possibility that isotopes lighter than Xenon 132 have been enriched to varying degrees by spallation and neutron capture products degassed to the atmosphere from the regolith, and a model is constructed to explore this possibility.”

But to many NASA sceptics and conspiracy theorists alike, such explanations are not sufficient enough.

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Life on Mars: NASA’s Viking lander snapped this photo of Mars’ surface (Image: GETTY)

Life on Mars: Conspiracists believe pyramids and other structures exist on Mars (Image: GETTY)

Instead, researchers like Mr Hoagland choose to believe the entire solar system was at one point colonised and the evidence is out there to collect.

The problem is, the treasure trove of information flowing from the last 50 years of space exploration is being suppressed by the likes of NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA).

Mr Hoagland said: “We’re being prepared to confront the up to now hidden reality by NASA and all these other space programmes, that in fact, there’s enormous stuff out there to go and explore, bring home, back-engineer, create the kind of human civilisation on this planet that we all deserve.

“I don’t think we’re very many months or years away from such an extraordinary change.”

Similarly, UFO expert and conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring has claimed to have found evidence of an “alien human-like face” on Mars.

Mr Waring, who runs the blog UFO Sightings Daily, believes NASA is holding back evidence of alien activity past and present on the Red Planet.

Is there any life on Mars?

NASA’s scientists hope to one day uncover evidence of past microbial life deep in Martian soil – not proof of developed civilisations.

Ellen Stofan, former NASA chief, told a US Senate subcommittee in August 2018, she is confident microbial life developed on Mars billions of years ago.

She said: “Life rose here on Earth rapidly once conditions stabilised, so you know, for the first several hundred million years on Earth the conditions were probably hostile.

“It was as soon as conditions stabilised within 100 million years or so we are fairly confident that the first microbial life evolved on Earth.

“The problem is life remained in the oceans for a billion years and it took well over a billion years for life to gain any complexity. That’s why I’m optimistic life did evolve on Mars.”

The scientists added it will take “breaking up a lot of rocks” to find the evidence and as such, humans need to go to Mars.

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