Maine coon’s entire litter of five were born with grumpy faces – and the internet can’t handle the cuteness

When it comes to majestic creatures, all those wild cats are crossing my mind. However, when you want to share your home with a feline, it just can be none of these. Instead, the Maine Coon cats might be the perfect choice.

Known as the largest domesticated cats, the majestic breed of Maine Coons, above all the other cat species, has some really distinctive particularities given by their wild nature. Technically, owning a Maine Coon is like you’re sharing your house with any of those big wild cats. Yet, the Maine Coons might be a little bit more glowing.

And, due to these unique particularities, the Maine Coons have always managed to cause waves on the internet with  their looking. From human-like to extremely cute grumpy faces.

A few days ago, the netizens were taken by surprise, after Catsvill County, an Instagrammer shared some photos of a litter with five lovely Maine Coon kittens. But what steal people’s hearts was their grumpy faces. The adorable footages went viral ever since and cat lovers can’t have have enough of their cuteness. Coincidence or not, a year ago Catsvill has stolen the show with another human-face like fluff ball, called Valkyrie.

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