Multiple UFO orbs spotted in Louisiana, sparks alien invasion fear

The appearance of two UFOs in the night skies has made several people believe that alien existence on earth could be rea

Conspiracy theorists consider UFO sightings as concrete evidence of alien existence on earth. Even though the Pentagon has confirmed the existence of UFOs after their Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), the department of defense has never connected these sightings to alien existence. As the mystery continues, multiple brights UFOs were spotted recently in Louisiana. 

Bright UFOs that moved without producing noise

The eyewitness who captured this UFO event that happened on February 21, 2021, claimed that these bright orbs traveled across the skies without producing any noise. After capturing the event on camera, the eyewitness soon submitted the footage to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), a US-based non-profit organization composed of civilian volunteers who study alleged UFO sightings. 

“Strange lights in the sky with no sound. Lights in the sky flying from the East to the West in the evening with no sound and a glowing reddish-pink hue. No running lights observed,” wrote the eyewitness while submitting the clip to MUFON. 

Alien hunter analyzed the clip

As the clip went viral on online spaces, Scott C Waring, a self-styled alien hunter who is currently operating from Taiwan analyzed it and suggested that these kinds of UFO sightings could be indicating the presence of aliens on earth. 

“These glowing lights don’t just move about, but change speeds as well. You can see them staying relatively close to one another as if they are watching out for each other. The eyewitness states that he saw upwards of 30 UFOs, but we only get to see a few of them here. Apparently he was mesmerized at what he was seeing and suddenly remembered to record it on his phone,” wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily. 

A few days back, a similar incident happened in Arizona where a person captured video of multiple flying objects in the night skies of Arizona. Waring who analyzed this UFO video claimed that Phoenix Lights have returned to Arizona.   

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