Mysterious UFO lights spotted in Ohio, residents clueless

The mysterious UFO lights that appeared in Cincinnati, Ohio has made many people believe that aliens have visited earth

A number of flying bal‌ls that apparently looked like unidentified flying objects (UFO) recently appeared in Cincinnati, Ohio, and these sightings have pulled the residents of the area to a state of panic. A video clip of the incident has now gone viral on the internet, and it has made many people speculate that aliens have visited the earth.

In the initial moments of the clip, four flying objects can be seen moving in a line across the grey clouds, and within a few minutes, they slowly start disappearing from the scene.

After uploading this clip to his YouTube channel, popular conspiracy theorist MrMBB333 suggested that these could be flying ships that use cloaking technology.

“Something comes in from the left, they appear to be in a straight row and at a slight angle. It was still daylight, so if they were some sort of physical craft, which I’m sure they probably were, how come you couldn’t see them?” said MrMBB333 in his video.

After watching the video, viewers of MrMBB333 also put forward their theories to explain the weird sighting.

“There is obviously something going on in the skies supernatural, and it seems to be more and more often just like the earthquakes volcanoes, etc,” commented Gray Wilson, a YouTube user.

“Reminds me of the movie Independence Day,” commented Steve Girouard, another YouTuber.

The new UFO sighting in Ohio is reported just a few days after a metallic flying UFO was spotted very near to Area 51. Interestingly, the sighting happened just a couple of months before the planned Area 51 raid, and it made many people believe that aliens have paid a visit to the secretive military base. 

Popular UFO researcher Scott C Waring also analyzed the video in Area 51, he as‌sured that the flying object above Nevada is a perfect metallic disc.   

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