NASA captures UFO on the surface of Mars

NASA captures UFO on the surface of Mars

The universe is vast and full of wonders. With people on Earth speeding up their space exploration in recent years, the amazing phenomena they encounter are endless…

Strange object believed to be a UFO on the surface of Mars. (Photo: Nasa)

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, in a series of photos taken by the Mars rover “Curiosity” launched by NASA to the surface of Mars, one has found a comfortable alien vehicle, commonly known as aliens. are UFOs. This group of photos has caused a stir in the field of studying alien life and Mars. In the images sent back by Curiosity, the object can be clearly seen emitting a faint light, which does not match the gray surface of Mars.

Another time, the “Viking” probe launched by NASA to the surface of Mars also made an amazing discovery, capturing a very strange image in a canyon near the equator of Mars. From this photo, we can clearly see a low-altitude plane flying next to the ground flying towards the cave ahead. Then, NASA scientists used advanced technology to magnify unidentified objects and caves suspected of being UFOs ten times, and then conducted careful study.

It was later found that the shape of the plane was very similar to an alien UFO, and there were very clear man-made markings on the entrance of the cave! This important discovery immediately caused a great stir in the scientific community. This is clearly an alien base, they set up to observe every movement on Mars! And there have been scientists who speculate that based on the composition of Mars’ atmosphere and the topography of the curved riverbeds on the surface, there may have been advanced intelligent life on Mars in the past.

And now many scientists agree that there are at least low-level life forms on Mars, but all these speculations require further research. In this regard, experts studying UFOs and space life sciences say that this is most likely an alien flying probe to explore Mars.

Experts explain that we have not found life on Mars yet, but other planets with advanced civilizations in the universe must have much more advanced technology than Earth. We know to probe other planets, of course they will know too. And the technology of those aliens is much higher than that of humans, so they were able to create this incredible plane!

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