Netizens Strange creature appeared after heavy rain caused controversy

Netizens Strange creature appeared after heavy rain caused controversy

A few hours ago, netizens stirred images of a strange creature that got lost in a house after a heavy rain, a fish with a wide mouth, rough skin, small eyes and a dark brown body.

Immediately after posting, the post went viral on social media. Many people expressed interest when they first saw the creature, although it was ugly, but it was also very interesting.

Netizens argue over its identity. Some people think that this is a catfish that has not yet evolved, others see it as the wingless version of the cartoon “Sun Sock” character, even many people suspect that this creature has a family name. row with lizard house.

This strange creature has a wide mouth, extending to the full width of the head.

However, it is actually the Japanese giant salamander (also known as the big pepper fish). They are the second largest amphibian in the world with a length of about 1.5m, and a weight of up to 25kg. It usually lives in the southwestern river region.

This is a very gentle species, only eating shrimp and small fish, but rarely harming any larger species. Although they can live on land, they are often reclusive underwater. Because of their heavy body, slow movement, and poor eyes, they rarely show up to avoid danger.

Maybe this salamander came to the surface last night to feed and was pushed by the receding current to people’s houses. Its image is still causing a stir on social networks.

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