NFL concussion horror story: Former Pro Bowl CB reveals terrible head problems

NFL concussion horror story: Former Pro Bowl CB reveals terrible head problems

When fans and journalists watch NFL games, we either marvel or are outraged at the actions of our favorite players and teams, however, little do we know what their week is like off the gridiron and when former Green Bay Packers and Los Angeles Rams corner Sam Shields has dared to tell his terrifying story it gives us a completely different perspective on what happens to these human beings.

Shields, who was part of the Packers team that was crowned in Super Bowl XLV against the Pittsburgh Steelers at the AT&T Stdium in Arlington, Texas, revealed on the “South Beach Sessions” podcast with Dan Le Batard that his head is “all mushed together with the concussions.”

Who is Sam Shields?

Among other accomplishments besides once lifting the Vince Lombardi Trophy, Shields boasts of being elected to the Pro Bowl in 2014 and also played in Super Bowl LIII with the Rams and lost it to Tom Brady’s New England Patriots, however, if he could choose again, he will have a life completely unattached to football.

“I’d be going to school, trying to work for home improvement,” Shields said. “I’d be trying to learn how to build a house.”

Serious problems following Shields’ retirement from the NFL

In an era with few protocols for avoiding concussions, Shields suffered at least five of them on record, though according to his own words written in the Players’ Tribune, it could be as‌sumed there were far more.

“The Tylenol wasn’t doing shi‌t,” Sields wrote. “It was three o’clock in the morning on some night in January 2017. I forget which one. I’d had a lot of bad nights around that time, but this one was the worst. I couldn’t sleep. It felt like my brain was cramping, or like it was trying to break out of my skull or something. I was rolling around in my bed, whipping my body back and forth, trying to escape the pounding inside my head. Next thing I know, I’m curled up in the fetal position, shaking and crying.”

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