Over 3 People Saw and Filmed UFO Military Vehicle

Nearly a handful of people in New York captured a UFO flying in the light of day. Are aliens preparing to attack, or simply keeping an eye on us?

There are also rumors of the UFO being a military vehicle that civilians were not supposed to see. The military has not confirmed or denied the bizarre flying object as government owned. YouTube channel Alien Planet posted the footage. Unlike most alien sightings footage, this video is quite clear, letting you decide for yourself.

UFO captured in New York is convincing; the military doesn’t want civilians to know their secrets

The video of the UFO captured by nearly a handful of people has many believers shaking their heads in amazement. There are also reports from believers that this flying object is indeed another military black project. It is tough to say if this flying object is from space or Earth. However, the video itself is pretty amazing and clear. Has the government detained the people who captured this flying object on film?

Star Wars inspired UFO the military is trying to keep a secret from Russia and China

The video of the UFO shows it flying at high speeds at a very low altitude. Furthermore, the flying object also looks like something from Star Wars, because of its two-pronged front. If it is from space, officials have surely taken note and will be investigating. If it is a new military plane, someone is in trouble for exposing it. This could be the new U.S. spy spacecraft used to keep track of Russia and China in space.

The Military has a long history of secret black space projects with technology from first UFO crash in Roswell

The Roswell UFO crash was a big score for the US military. They were able to use the tech from the alien spacecraft. In fact, they designed some of the most innovative aviation equipment in history with it. Not to mention, the aliens found in the Roswell wreckage were dissected. Used to advance medical science. If you think the government is hiding secrets, the book Need to Know: UFOs, the Military, and Intelligence by Timothy Good is a must read. Pick a copy up on Amazon for $13.79, and explore the secrets and hidden agenda of U.S. officials.

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