Photos That Are Undeniable Proof Cats Are The Best

I’m sure you don’t need convincing, you and I are both in on the greatest known tidbit of information ever: cats are the best. We love them so much that we scoop their poop, if that isn’t devotion, well I guess I don’t know what is. And while we sometimes lament over their sassy and independent nature, occasionally (jokingly, I cannot emphasize enough jokingly,) call them jerks, we know deep down inside that a life without our beloved feline friends would be no life at all.

And thus, we must take opportunity as frequently as pawsible to celebrate and delight in not just our cats but all cats! Cats really are the best.

1. Eyes that Mesmerize

I’ve never seen a cat with eyes I didn’t love. Have you? I doubt it.

2. Whispy Whiskers

So delicate, so strong, so purr-fect.

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3. Glorious Yawns

What could be cooler than a cat yawning? Not much in this world, not much. Their purrfectly pink tongues are envious.

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4. Pretty Paws

Cat paws are everything right in this world.

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5. Legs

The things connected to the peets where the toe-beans are can come in all sorts of sizes, and may even not be a complete set, but they’re always delightful.

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The sweetest, most lovable, emotionally-delicious part of any cat is undoubtedly the toe beans.


7. Cute Sleepy Faces

Who knew cats could be so purr-fect even when their eyes are closed? Me, I knew.

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8. I present into evidence: the loaf

Kitten Loafing is amazing.


9. Floofy Chests

If the toe beans are number one, then the floofy chests are number two.

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10. Chin-Tastic

The hairs on their chinny-chin-chins… yes, cats have chins.

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11. Satellite Ears

They receive all the out of this world messages.

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Potentially a “no-touch danger zone,” but irresistibly soft and luxurious. Cat tummies are the best.

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13. Button Noses

We don’t boop the snoot, but we definitely appreciate the button.

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14. Teefies

Yeah, you read that correctly. They’re not teeth, they’re teefies, and we love them.

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15. Shape-Shifters? Pawsibly.

Some argue that cats defy physics, while others argue they are actually liquid. Their shape-shifting abilities are unparalleled.

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16. Last but certainly not least…

Have you seen their tails?

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Just to emphasize the tails of cats…

Here is a deliciously fluffy one.

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Bonus Proof? Bonus Proof.

The blep. THE BLEP, y’all, I can’t. I’m at a loss for words. I love bleps.

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Please, share with us everything you love about cats! We pawsitively love hearing from you in the comments.

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