Raw footage or planned hoax: Mysterious UFO passing across moon sparks debate

Even though skeptics have dismissed the credibility of the UFO video, conspiracy theorists strongly believe that this footage could be proof of alien existence

A mysterious video recently submitted to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), a US-based non-profit organization that studies alleged UFO sightings is now the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts. In the video, apparently shot from Chicago, a giant unidentified flying object (UFO) can be seen passing across the moon at a mindblowing speed. 

UFO sighting sparks debate

The eyewitness who captured the UFO event on camera strongly believes that something is strange with this sighting. 

“UFO north side Chicago flying past moon 6:19 AM on February 26, 2021. I went to record the moon because it looked so beautiful and after I recorded I noticed something flew past the top half of the moon! Definitely, a UFO!” said the eyewitness. 

Conspiracy theorist suggests the presence of aliens

The video submitted to MUFON was later analyzed by Scott C Waring, a self-styled alien hunter who is currently operating from Taiwan. After analyzing the eerie clip, Waring as‌sured that footages like these are suggesting the existence of aliens. He also added that huge motherships are orbiting the earth. 

“The UFO is very long and takes a few seconds to cross the moon. Normally the UFO would be impossible to see, but lucky for the eyewitness the moon happened to be behind the UFO which lit it up. Even in Chicago, UFOs are visible when you try hard enough. Hard work pays off. 100% proof that huge motherships are in Earth’s orbit right now,” wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily. 

Even though the alien theory put forward by Waring has convinced his followers, skeptics have already dismissed it, and they claim that this sighting could be a planned hoax. 

“Ok pretty cool. What’s weird to me is…why at that exact moment is the cameraman shooting the moon. And does a close-up at the exact moment RIGHT before it appears. But otherwise, it was pretty cool,” commented CL, a YouTube user. 

A few days back, another UFO incident happened in the United States as an American Airlines pilot reported seeing a cylindrical-shaped flying object screeching above the flight that was traveling from Cincinnati to Phoenix. Later, American Airlines confirmed this news, and requested media outlets to contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for additional information.  

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