Reptiles reveal how humanity was created to serve the true purpose of aliens

Reptiles reveal how humanity was created to serve the true purpose of aliens

The story of a reptile that has been widely circulated on the Internet, it tells about the formation of humanity, the secret of the human body, the true purpose of the aliens, and the great plan of the living beings. high-rise.

According to reports, a reptilian who can transform into a human form at will has decided to make contact with humans on his own. After contacting a person who lived alone in a wooden house in Sweden in 1998, it said that its race has been hiding in the ground for a long time, and they can also change at will. appearance and blend into the crowd.

The Creator created mankind

Reptiles mention that the Earth was originally dominated by reptiles, then because of the appearance of humans they had to hide underground. And the origin of man is not natural evolution but deliberately created by the Creator (compared to reptiles that have evolved for 40 million years and stopped evolving for 10 million years, humans have reached the highly intelligent for only 2 million years, and is still evolving, so this is definitely not natural).

It said to humans in a mocking voice:  “Do you really think this evolutionary acceleration is natural? In that case, your people are more ignorant than I imagined…”

Reptiles say, 1.5 million years ago, a group of peaceful, intelligent high-level beings came to Earth, they did not come for any resources, but came to create mankind.

This experiment has lasted for tens of thousands of years, there have also been several failed experiments before, such as today sometimes found traces of the “giant” race, which are traces left after the last failure to create man.

Purpose of aliens coming to Earth

It said, currently in the world there are many aliens coming to Earth and their purpose is to care about the human body. Because the genetic makeup of aliens has caused evolutionary defects and poor radioactivity, they need a complete array of humans and animals, constantly repairing their genes.

But because the alien and human DNA didn’t exactly match, the repair was difficult.

Reptile also mentioned that, as far as it knows, there are currently 14 alien races active on Earth and 3 of them have bad intentions, contact with some governments, exchange technology of aliens to get copper mines and other important things, to plunder and trade people.

Humans can sublimate to higher levels

Reptiles to the human body have a rather mystical description.

It said:  “If you can go one step further, your humanity does not rely on scientific and technological tricks, then you can become the most powerful being you can imagine.”

This is achieved not by means of science and technology, but by spiritual ascension, unbound by this material world, able to break through this dimension and become a being. more microscopic.

The grand plan of the high-level life

In addition, on Earth there are very advanced beings, they have extremely high levels, just “thinking” can destroy everything of reptiles. Historically, Reptiles have only had 3 access to this superior being.

But these higher beings are absolutely harmless to reptiles and humans, because their interests are different, not because of material and physical plunder, but because of a great plan. other.

As for the plans of these higher beings, the reptilians also know nothing, only knowing that the existence and interference of other aliens will sabotage this plan.

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