Revealed intact after 700 years, 2 ghost ships carrying unparalleled treasures

Revealed intact after 700 years, 2 ghost ships carrying unparalleled treasures

Along the Baltic coast of Sweden, two ghost ships from two completely different places, lying side by side, disappeared into the sea at the same time in the 14th century and then returned together in a ghostly way. .

According to  Ancient Origin , the spooky pair first appeared in the spring of 2021 along the Baltic coast, unearthed by accident by workers building a train tunnel near Varberg, Halland county, Sweden.

However, recent analysis shows that the two ghost shipwrecks are also unparalleled treasures in many ways, filled with goods in good condition inside, which reveal a lot of historical and commercial data. and 14th century politics.

The first ghost ship wreck – Varbergskoggen 1 – was built from logs harvested around 1346, taken from the forests of the Netherlands, Belgium and France; while the second – Varbergskoggen 2 – was built from wood in Northern Poland sometime between 1355 and 1357.

This shows that the two ships did not go hand in hand on ancient voyages, but somehow managed to find themselves side by side – only 9 meters away – and at the same time entered the seabed.

The artifacts were found in unexpected good condition – Photo: Arkeologerna

One of the two ghost ships is the most complete shipwreck ever found in Sweden, the other is only slightly inferior, there is no trace of damage, so archaeologists are also  “hands on”  in identifying the shipwreck. the cause of the shipwreck.

According to archeological company Archeologerna  , which is leading the excavation, they found a large amount of household items in the two ships, including wooden spoons, wooden crates, leather shoes, etc., items that the ships transported. transferred for sale or exchange.

The hull wood pieces are also good enough to reveal specifically which forest they came from, which year – Photo: Arkeologerna

Scientists say they are moving to analyze these items in the hope of finding a little clue about the catastrophic accident that two ghost ships were involved nearly 700 years ago. Bad weather was said to be the leading cause, after the discovery of the cargo completely eliminated the theory of piracy.

Whatever the answer, this is still an unparalleled treasure, because in addition to its value as antiquities, the cargo of the ships will help scientists learn about the people who traded them and the period of time. that piece of history.

The discovery also continues to cast a fanciful shadow on the Baltic coast, where an unusually large and unusually intact number of shipwrecks have been discovered, which is incompletely explained by the composition of seawater.

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