Rumor Of A Strange Creature Has Frightened Residents of Itaparica, Brazil

The curfew imposed by the Government of Bahia restricts the passage of humans through the streets of the state, but does not affect strange creatures “from the other world.”

At least that is what a rumor that circulates through WhatsApp groups and other social networks of the residents of Ilha de Itaparica suggests. No one knows for sure what the strange creature could be. Chupacabras, werewolf, pombero, bigfoot or man-monkey, are some of the guesswork, but the only certainty of the story is that the beast ugly would be prowling the streets of Ilha de Misericordia even the name of the place is quite appropriate for the phenomenon—, helping to guarantee the partial closure of the island.

“Everyone talks about it, the WhatsApp groups and on the Face,” reveals Marise, owner of a restaurant in Itaparica.

“I think it’s someone trying to scare people,” Gerusa, another resident, theorized.

Gerusa’s version seems to have gained momentum, so much so that a new rumor suggests that, in fact, it could be a man in disguise, who would have even been located and detained by the police. However, the local media contacted the police stations in the region and all said they were unaware of this version.

The photos of strange creature are real, but that does not guarantee anything real

The photographs that circulate are two. One shows the long-armed creature walking past what appears to be a church. The other shows what appears to be a family of “monsters”, with their parents and a cub, walking down a dark dirt road.

With a reverse Google search, the images did not appear in any context other than this rumor. In other words: they were probably created specifically to bring the story to life.

The designer Francisco Patrício, an expert in image editing, analyzed the photos and found no evidence of digital editing.

«The first is very well done, by the shadows. The animal goes against the light and is very straight in front of the animal. And in the second, it is very difficult to even identify the existence of a shadow because it is not illuminated, “he analyzed.

In short: there is a possibility that the photos are true, but that does not mean that they are real. Both are low in brightness and definition. With this, it is easy for someone in costume, for example, to appear much scarier than normal.

Another detail of this photo hampered by low light is the poster that hangs on the wall of the church. It is apparently written in the Arabic alphabet, which seems to ruin this story. However, it is not possible to be sure.

«You cannot know if they are true or false. However, low resolution photos are perfect for optical illusion. You can disguise yourself and go into the dark so that it is easy to create something that looks real ”, concluded Patrício.

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