Russia is about to end a series of large-scale military exercises

Russia is about to end a series of large-scale military exercises

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu reported to President Vladimir Putin on February 14 that many large-scale Russian military exercises are entering the final stage.

According to Minister Shoigu, army and naval exercises held across Russia in recent years have helped test the combat readiness of military regions, hone skills, and practice counter-terrorism. against potential enemies “both on land and in water”.

“Large-scale exercises are taking place in the Western Military District, in most of the fleets such as the Barents Sea, the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Pacific Fleet,” Shoigu said. “The forces of most of the military regions, including the Eastern Military District, the Central Military District and the Northern Fleet are participating in the exercise.”

Shoigu added that some drills have entered their final stages, and others are expected to end soon.

Earlier on the same day, the Kremlin announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin would meet with the Defense and Foreign Ministers, but did not disclose details.

The meeting took place amid repeated accusations by Western officials and media that Russia is planning an attack on Ukraine, citing Russia’s continued deployment of troops to the border and holding a series of military exercises. large scale in this country and Belarus.

Moscow has repeatedly denied the accusations, insisting it has no plans to attack Ukraine, and adding that the mobilization of troops inside Russian territory is Moscow’s own business.

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