Russian scientists have just discovered an asteroid approaching the Earth

Russian scientists have just discovered an asteroid approaching the Earth

Recently, Russian media has reported that scientists have suddenly discovered a new asteroid that is approaching Earth. This asteroid is named 2022 SE37.

Accordingly, two space observatories located in southern Russia discovered traces of asteroid 2022 SE37 on October 1. It has a diameter of about 500m equivalent to the height of the Ostankino tower and orbits the Sun with an orbital period of 3.44 years.

The Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences has published an image of the asteroid 2022 SE37 captured by the Kuban State University telescope and the telescope located in the village of Kochevanchik. The institute also reports that the asteroid is unlikely to pose a threat to Earth in the near future for at least the next decade.

Image of asteroid 2022 SE37 published by Russian scientists.

Information about asteroid 2022 SE37 was announced after the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) had just finished a test to change the orbit of asteroid Dimorphos with a collision performed by a spacecraft. The DART station is intended to test planetary defenses from future asteroid collisions.

The collision between the DART and the asteroid Dimorphos recorded by the small satellite LiciaCube and the James Webb space telescope, Hubble shows the intense flare as the spacecraft plunges into the asteroid at high speed near 24 thousand km/h.

Today, scientists have discovered a lot of space-flying objects with orbits close to the Earth, most of which have little effect on our planet, but there are also potential objects. hide much danger of a collision. As a result, NASA and other space research agencies are collaborating on research to combat the threats that near-Earth objects could pose to our planet.

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