Sad Dog Cried All Day Because He Missed The co‌w That Raised Him

Sad Dog Cried All Day Because He Missed The co‌w That Raised Him

We have heard many stories about the unique and tender relationships formed between animals. Such as a pit bull whose best buddy is a chicken and a cat who believes a young goat is its biological sister.

 Animals can always surprise us with their ability to love. However, many people fail to understand this. Today we will know the story, it’s about a tiny brown dog named Rookie and his best friend in the whole world a co‌w. A story  that has already left thousands of people in tears.

Rookie is a lovely dog that has an unusual friend. He lives in a farm in South Korea and is surrounded by many farm animals. He was an oʀᴘhan puppy and had to learn to live without motherly love since he was a child.  After Rookie’s mom di‌ed shortly after giving birth to the puppy, the co‌w stepped in to raise the oʀᴘhaned pup herself. For two years, they lived, ate, played, and slept side by side in a farmer’s barn. Rookie followed the co‌w everywhere, sleeping on her back and taking shelter between her legs whenever she was scared or needed comforting. She’s often licking Rookie’s coat and nuzzling him, the doggo would even be seen sitting or sleeping on the co‌w’s back. The bond they shared was very special, so much so that when the time came for the co‌w to be sold off, Rookie from being energetic to the most heaʀtbʀoken  dog in the whole world.

The owners are kind-hearted people who love animals, but the unfavorable economic conditions and they need to sell their co‌w. Even though it would be hard for him, the family didn’t have any choice but to sell the co‌w, because having two was something that they couldn’t afford. Preparing to be sold off, the mama co‌w was taken from the enclosure that she and Rookie spent their time together. When the co‌w was led outside, Rookie’s grief became apparent, he began howling and crying, and his face reflected a look of utter despair. His eyes started to get wet, that he almost looked like he was crying real tears when being separated from his ‘mother’.

Their goodbye was heartbreaking to watch, and the dog can be seen stepping onto the threshold while calling out to the co‌w but by then, his mother had completely gone out of sight. But then one day, he heard a moo-ing nearby, the agile pup immediately ran down the street while his owner chased after him. He found the co‌w’s new home another barn in the village that was close enough to Rookie’s shelter. The pup couldn’t hide his joy when he saw the co‌w, and he began barking excitedly and jumping to lick the co‌w’s face. But the reunion didn’t last for long and Rookie’s owner found him and carried him home despite clear protest. Back at home, Rookie became inconsolable, losing his usual enthusiasm, and even lost all his appetite. The owners became worrid of his sadness, as all he did was wonder around the enclosure, waiting for his momma co‌w to return.

In the end, the farmer changed his mind and decided to keep the co‌w for the sake of the puppy that loved her. Thank goodness it was a happy ending! Since Rookie was so used to her bovine kin, it was important that she socialize with other dogs. So the farmer took his kindness one step further by bringing another animal into the mix… And since then they’ve had the beautiful life they deserve.


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