Secret alien base discovered? Researcher finds “100% proof” of extraterrestrial life on Earth

Waring claimed that aliens are using volcanoes as their secret bases, and governments are well aware of extraterrestrial existence.

A bizarre video uploaded to YouTube by a channel named Luis Andrés Jaspersen is now the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and alien buffs. In the video, a bright glowing object can be seen exiting the Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico. The uploader of the video claim that this strange clip was captured by the volcano live camera.

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Scott C Waring analyzed the strange UFO clip

Popular UFO hunter Scott C Waring who operates from Taiwan also analyzed this strange video clip. After analyzing the clip, Waring claimed that most of the volcanoes could be home to advanced alien bases. He also added that UFO spotted in the video is at least 50 meters wide.

“The ancient volcano is home to an alien base 5-6km below the surface that is the size of an entire city. UFOs are frequently seen on live came exiting and entering the volcano. This is just further proof that the alien base does exist and that the aliens living there have very large spacecraft. The mouth of the volcano is about 600 meters across. That makes this UFO about 50 meters across. This is 100% proof that aliens use this volcano to enter a base deep below,” wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

Waring also alleged that the Mexican government is well aware of alien existence, and he even went ahead and claimed that the government has an agreement with extraterrestrials.

“It is very possible the Mexican government has an agreement with the aliens to allow them continual use of this area. And possibly getting some tech in exchange, which Mexico trades to the USAF for money,” added Waring.

Police detective’s mindblowing statement

A few days back, Gary Heseltine, a former police detective had claimed that the US military is well aware of the origin of UFOs. He also added that the UFOs that appear in the skies are not Chinese lanterns, as they are not capable of flying in formation.

“I am sure that some people in the US military do know what these objects are. I speculate that there are remote drones but not man-made. As to their purpose, I don’t know,” said Heseltine. 

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