She had to be hospitalized because of excessive farting to sell, earning up to $50,000 a week

She had to be hospitalized because of excessive farting to sell, earning up to $50,000 a week

The di‌et was too extreme to ensure the “air volume“ of the day, causing her to be so bloated that she had to go to the emergency room.

Stephanie Matto is a former star of a reality show in Australia. Recently, she has become extremely famous on the Internet thanks to her own business of “fart smell” bottles. Even more surprising when that series of odd products brought in quite an impressive income for Stephanie, there were weeks when she earned up to 50,000 USD (more than 1.1 billion VND).

It seems that this is the legendary low-wage job, but the truth is not so simple, when Stephanie herself also has to make a lot of trade-offs. In addition to many netizens’ gossip, she also had many health problems, to the point of being hospitalized because of excessive “cooling off”. It is known that she has produced up to 50 bottles of products in just 1 week because the business situation is too favorable, with too many orders that make her overloaded.

Speaking to Jam Press, Stephanie said: “ I really thought those were the last minutes of my life. I was overworked. I remember that day I had to drink 3 cups of protein compound and eat a giant bowl of black bean soup. And in the evening, when I was lying in bed, I started to feel terrible abdominal pain, the entire stomach area upwards as if strangled. I felt very short of breath, my heart felt like it was constricted. I became more and more confused and had to call my friend to take me to the hospital. I thought I was having a heart attack .”

After being admitted to the hospital that evening, I did not tell the doctor about my special work, but only told them about the di‌et that I was following. The doctor concluded that I didn’t have a heart attack or a stroke, but just severe abdominal distension. They prescribed me digestive medicine and advised me to change my di‌et. That means the end of my business career .”

The excessive “flattening” caused Stephanie to have an emergency because of abdominal distension.

Previously, Stephanie said that to ensure her body can produce enough “gas” every day, she often eats foods that cause bloating such as beans, protein muffins, hard-boiled eggs, protein mixes and a little milk. sour to easily “discharge”. She even brags that this di‌et makes her “vapor” have a particularly pungent and unpleasant smell.

She said she would have to stop the business to protect her health.

Stephanie said she will donate part of her income from her business to charities that support people with digestive disorders: ” Despite being “stoned” a lot, I think this work. opened a new door for me. Right now, I’m focusing on producing art works related to steam bottles. I think everything happens for a reason. Although my career is coming to an end, I will save the money I have earned, and invest a little bit in crypto .”

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