The boy crossed hundreds of kilometers to Lang Son to give gifts to his girlfriend, the end of social media

The boy crossed hundreds of kilometers to Lang Son to give gifts to his girlfriend, the end of social media

Thoughtfully preparing a large bouquet of flowers, pre-ordering a table of food to wait for his girlfriend, but things were not as he imagined.

On social networks, the love story shared on forums is attracting attention. The story is that on the afternoon of February 14, a young man from Thach That, Hanoi rented a taxi to Na Sam, Lang Son to meet his girlfriend he knew online.

Eagerly waiting for the moment of his first date with his lover, the guy dressed neatly, holding a large bouquet of flowers to give the girl on Valentine’s Day, marking a new turning point in the relationship. When he arrived in town, the guy entered a hot pot restaurant, excitedly ordered a lot of dishes waiting for his girlfriend to come.

However, the girl was still not found. He texted and called many times but got no response. After many hours of waiting, even though he thought he had been cheated, he still tried to wait and hoped that his girlfriend was just busy or having problems.

The guy just sat beside the table full of food without bothering to touch his chopsticks. The shop closed, he quietly walked home with a bouquet of flowers, wandering in the cold weather of the Northwest mountainous province.

After sharing, the sad love story of the boy who crossed more than 150km to Lang Son to find the love of his life attracted dozens of likes and thousands of comments. Although many beautiful love stories are written through social networking sites, the guy is not so lucky.

Some comments from netizens:

“His sincere feelings on the 14th of February were not reciprocated properly. At least if you don’t like him, say a word so that he can return to Hanoi.”

“I’m so sorry, the twelve wharf boys keep trying to find love and in the end the girl doesn’t come”.

“I sympathize with you! Be optimistic! I have given my all to this love story, the results are not perfect, but it will be fine. I have not lost anything, and people have already lost it. A person who truly loves them.”

“Poor honest boy. In love, please don’t joke like that. Youth so sincere in the end can’t exchange for sincerity” .

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