The Clearest Silver Metallic Flying Saucer Type “Disk” Over London

Here’s an absolute stunning UFO, the clearest UFO which was photographed over London by the eye witness that was just chilling in his garden.

It looks like a Flying Saucer type of metallic Disk, what do you think…

It’s an absolute “belter” of a UFO sighting as they say in England! Belter, meaning “spectacular” so if you hear this being said in this way, it pretty much means that whatever us being referred to means that it’s brilliant or the best. The Flying Saucer type Disk was photographed by a local Londoner that lives right near to the Heathrow runway in London and he’s actually created a YouTube video about it. He must of really felt compelled to report the UFO incident which isn’t unusual at all.

But what is very unusual for any UFO sighting is the eye witness independently creating a UFO video themselves from the actual UFO photo’s that they have taken, it’s very unusual. UFO Casebook has picked it up. Anyway, I’ve added the full YouTube video that he’s put together with the compelling description, which I’ll add just underneath this video, below.

Credit: UFO Casebook/Texas UFO Sighting’s/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

There’s actually a couple of date’s for this UFO sighting but UFO Casebook YouTube Channel has the actual date which is from the eye witnesses own statement so I’m going with that one which is the 2nd of February, 2017. The other date for this UFO sighting is from the Texas UFO Sightings website which has it down as July 2nd 2017. To be honest Texas UFO Sightings has made a post using just the eye witness statement which is all well and good because they’re bringing awareness to the wider world regarding UFOs in the world and that’s always a good thing.

Actually it was a very successful post because one person got in touch with them and here’s what they had to say to Texas UFO Sightings.


Name – Justin.

Date – 10/13/2019.

Time – 06:59:18 pm.

I saw this exact “craft” fly over my home in Bradenton, FL. It was on Oct. 12th 2019 around 1030-11 pm. Didn’t have a camera to take any pics unfortunately. I did a drawing of it right away though. The thing that stick out to me is it was a deep gold color. Seen some strange things in my life but this takes the cake. It was close to make out details but emmited no light. It was also a full moon or close to one.

Here’s the full video made from just a few UFO photos by the originaleyewitnessin London:

Watch video:: Pz7UpET_Y8Y

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