The cloud “hands and feet of Go‌d” appeared in the sky of England

The cloud “hands and feet of Go‌d” appeared in the sky of England

British people have just had the opportunity to witness two strangely shaped clouds, shaped like giant hands and walking feet.

Cloud shaped “six-fingered hand” in Manchester. (Photo: mbnews)

The image was taken by the Astronomical Society of Manchester at dusk on March 23 and published by the Met Office.

According to Emma Salter, a meteorologist at the Met Office, the cloud above is in the category of cumulus clouds. “ This is a harmless cloud in clear weather and usually appears at dusk. That’s why it shines with such a brilliant yellow-orange color .”

This is a term for clouds characterized by spherical cloud masses forming layers or lines. At dawn or dusk, light from the Sun has to travel longer distances to reach Earth’s atmosphere and is then scattered. As a result, clouds appear darker in color at times.

According to the Cloud as‌sociation, the other hand cloud is also a lenticular cloud, often lenticular or spaceship-shaped, formed by whirlwinds near mountains or weather margins.

Not only in Manchester, in the sky of Harrogate, North Yorkshire also appeared another cloud forming the shape of walking feet. Many netizens believe that the 2 clouds are the hands and feet of Go‌d.

God walks through North Yorkshire. (Photos collected from the Internet)

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